Horsetooth Whippets is owned and operated by Dr. Ken Shiarella, V.M.D., and
Jennifer Hime, Dog Trainer & Behaviorist.

Ken's Whippet Story:
Whippets are a fascinating study in contrasts.  That was the
first draw for me.  My first contact with a Whippet was as a veterinary assistant when a
Whippet presented for a substantial laceration that needed suturing.  I was intrigued
that this elegant, delicate looking dog was so controlled, gentle and pain tolerant.  
That was the first contradiction, and was enough for me to choose my first Whippet as
a pet dog. That was in 1988. But that was just the beginning of the contrasts that
would reveal themselves to me for this multi-faceted breed.

-How can such a statuesque dog have the heart of a clown?
-How can a dog that runs so fast have so little regard for slowing down?
-How can such a bony dog be so cuddly?
-How can such a delicate looking dog play so hard and have an eye for hunting?
-How can such a loving dog be so independent?
-Why would such an independent breed delight in sleeping in a big pile?
Jen's Whippet Story:  I first tuned into whippets while watching a dog show on
t.v.  One of the emcees mentioned that once a person owns a whippet, they'll
never want anything else.  I was fascinated, but not yet convinced.   Being a dog
trainer, I had owned herding and working breeds - with completely different
personality traits than whippets!  It wasn't until I met Ken that the whippet bug
really bit me.  Since he had owned whippets in the past, he could confirm all that
the long-ago dog show emcee had said of them - and more.   Well, the rest is
history....Our mutual appreciation put Horsetooth Whippets into motion.    What
better pair than a veterinarian and a dog behaviorist to begin a new whippet
adventure?  We are working toward truly balanced dogs - with conformation,
performance, and obedience titles - the beginning of a new whippet legacy in
They make you question them in wonderment, but it's less befuddling than delightful, and you can't keep your hands off them.
But all the contrasts and facets have surprising result in sum, and that is that they are so very easy to own.
Our Whippet Story