"Lizzie Q."
Horstooth Elizabeth Q. Linguini, RN, BN
Hasue Can't Stop the Reign   X   Whipcat Joint Venture
03-01-2007 to 05-09-2020
AKC #:  
HP25114707  //  NAWRA #:  3830
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When Lizzie arrived to us as an eight week old puppy, we wondered
what we had gotten ourselves into.  As a puppy Lizzie played
She was relentless in grabbing hold of the other dogs’ skin and not
letting go.  We would cringe to see skin seemingly being pulled away
from flesh.  Still, it never did, to our amazement, get to the point of
breaking that seemingly thin whippet skin.  

For all the rough beginnings, Lizzie turned out to be our sweetest adult...
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