"Lychee Berry"
Horsetooth Lychee Berry, RN, OTR, SR-pointed
Whisperun Enchanted Tim, SC, RN, SR, OTR  X   Horsetooth Penelope Pogostick, JC, RN, SR, OTR
DOB:  10-12-2011
AKC #:  
HP41926405  //  NAWRA #:  5147   //  NOTRA #:  5660
Among other nicknames, Lychee has earned the title,
'Chickadee'.  Lychee flits around the house like a little bird,
complete with rapid head bobs and pert expression.  

Lychee has taken some of the more interesting characteristics
from her mother Penelope and father Timmy.  From Penelope,
Lychee has a super-bright and alert demeanor.  She is ever
vigilant for anything that might be going on that represents an
opportunity for her involvement.  
For Lychee, alert and involved are two trademarks.  
Like her mother, she will want in and out the door so
she can go ambush mice.  If there are no mice one
mintute, that doesn't mean there won't be a mouse a
few minutes later.  She likes to be in the kitchen when
meals are being prepared.  She shares her mother's
love of vegetables and meeting new people.  
From her father Timmy, Lychee was handed a
disinterest in pack hierarchy.  She is our Omega
girl.  Politics are just not her thing.  Also from Timmy
she derived an endearing, goofy sense of humor.  
Lychee specializes in making silly faces and head bobs and knows it makes us laugh and pay attention to
her.  Therefore, she does these things all the time.
With her small stature, bubbly energy, silly sense of humor and racoon face markings we end up with one
adorable little dog.  She still needs to fill out for us and mature, but she has already shown that she means
business in her first practice runs on the race track and in the obedience ring.

Lychee is still maturing and she is becoming a little more assertive as she does, which is good for her.  She is
still a work in progress but if she gets any more cute we may not be able to stand it.