Stillwater Wicked Blue Polliwog, RN
Stillwater Nothn But Blue Skys   X   Stillwater Touissant
DOB:  09-07-2009
AKC #:  
Polli came to us in January of 2010 as a diminutive puppy
with a big personality.  Her small size and ability to make
the archetypal Whippet “Round Head” (This is a crucial
Whippet trait, the ability to pin their ears and look at you
with round eyes that expresses the sentiment, “You killed
my Momma. How could you do it?”) would make one think
the dog is delicate and soft.  But don’t judge this book by
its cover....
more of Polli's personality profile and
Southern  Colorado Kennel Club Show
11/13/10 Rally Novice Competition.

Click here to see Polli's Rally Novice Video
from 11/14/10.