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Why feed a raw, natural diet?  

After years of feeding traditional, commercial pet food, we have changed the way we feed
our whippets.

Several factors led to this decision:

1.  Jen took a course in canine nutrition, and learned first hand what exactly goes into commercial dog food diets (yes - even
the expensive ones!).  It's not a pretty sight - 4D (dead, dying, diseased, or down) meat sources; useless fillers and binders;
'supplemented' vitamins and minerals - rendered completely unavailable to your dog through heat processing; toxins, poisons,
and waste products deemed unfit for human consumption - all cooked up at extremely high temperatures, smashed together,
treated with color additives and scents to make them palatable, and extruded out into that expensive bag of food.

2.  Ken treats dogs with many of the reported problems linked to poor nutrition:  allergies, auto-immune diseases, cancers,
poor teeth, skin problems, unhealthy joints - and the list goes on - in his practice every week.

3.  Jen had previously fed her Great Danes, Collies, and German shepherds a raw diet (about 15 years ago) and had seen
the health benefits.  We love and cherish our silly, sweet, cuddly, smart, wonderful whippets - and want them to have as long,
healthy lives as possible!  Who wouldn't want to feed a diet that could extend the time they have with their healthy, happy

Speaking of using diet to gain some extra time with your dog...did you know...

...Commercial dog food has only been around since about 1930 - prior to that, people fed a primarily raw diet and table scraps
to their dogs.

...Since the invention of commercial dog food, canine lifespans are actually getting
shorter.  The oldest dog on record (Bluey)
died in 1939 at the age of 29 years, 160 days.  Today, the average canine lifespan is 10 to 13 years.

What are the benefits to feeding a raw, natural diet?

  • natural nutrition - food that dogs ate in the wild, before the invention of commercial pet food
  • smaller poops - MUCH smaller!  Much less volume & minimal to no odor...that's right...our dogs' 'poop doesn't stink!'  
  • clean teeth and fresh breath - natural dental health from raw meaty bones
  • shiny coat & healthy skin
  • healthy joints
  • reduced disease and illness
  • longer lifespan

Don't just take our word for it, check out these resources on feeding a raw, natural diet:

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We are currently feeding a Prey Model Raw (PMR) diet of raw meaty bones and organs, along with some veggies, eggs, dairy,
etc., and the whippets are thriving.

Want to know more?  Just ask us!