"Spicy Duck"
Horsetooth Spicy Duck, RN, OTR-pointed, SR-pointed
Stillwater Whisper Jett, RN, SR  X   Stillwater Wicked Blue Polliwog, RN
DOB:  10-19-2011
AKC #:  
HP41959205  //  NAWRA #:  5148  //  NOTRA #:  5554
CERF Normal
From her birth, Spice has provided us one surprise after
another.  Whether it be her deep red color, the fact that she
grew so big, that she aspires to be pack leader or that she is the
first to volunteer to be the 'demo dog' when Jennifer teaches
dog training classes.
Spicy inherited a mix of personality traits from her
parents.  It is from her mother that Spice derives
her two great loves:  food and puppies.  

And, despite her being less that two years old as
we write this, Spice is the consummate puppy care
professional; a governess.  She guards pups,
cleans them, herds them and tirelessly plays with
them. But she is not above partaking of their food...
"Oh is that kibble?  I really shouldn't..alright maybe
a just a mouthful... or four."  
From Jett, she gets her size, her dark eyes and
lovely head.  Spice is easy on the eyes.  Also like
her father, Spice is a calm presence during quiet
times.  She shares her father's suspicion of
strangers although Spice extends that suspicion to
strange dogs also.    However, just like Jett, once
Spicy gets to know a new person, she often quickly
becomes their best friend.
Spice is a more serious dog than her parents and less silly. Actually, she might be our most serious dog.  She has
strong guarding inclinations.  She guards any pups, the yard, the pack and any valuable toys.  Normally, she is a
quiet dog, but when danger arises, say, like when a blue jay or rabbit (or other similarly ferocious herbivore) is
within 40 yards of the yard, she lets them know who is on watch.
if she goes the way of Jett and decides it is easier for her to just go with the flow and let others due the heavy lifting.